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At Inca Health Clinic we use state-of-the-art technology to bring you health and wellness treatments to get your body into shape without surgery. We use systems to help your body to detox, slow the effects of aging, remove cellulite, improve skin texture and much much more.


Come and join us on our Launch Day on 6 October for a demonstration of our machines and great discounts. Free 15 minute sessions will be given and a lucky draw with exciting prizes can be won. Booking is essential: 082 465 3207

Cryo Laser Lipo System

The Cryopolysis is a 5-in-1 Fat-Freezing System

Multi-functional fat loss system used in conjunction with Ozone technology to help get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that involves the cooling of fat cells to induce lipolysis – the breaking down of fat cells to reduce body fat without damage or other tissues.

  1. Crypolysis
    Fat cells contain “triglyceride” and in particular low temperatures, it is converted to a solid, which leads to breaking down of fat cells. The Cryo Lazer Lipo System can eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that doesn’t harm the surrounding tissues.
  2. Laser Lipolysis
    Carries far fewer risks than liposuction and other surgical procedures. Areas targeted for treatment, including hard to reach & sensitive areas, including tummy, arms, hips, outer and inner thighs.
  3. Facial Sculpting
    Smaller areas such as jawline, neck and chin can be targeted for fat reduction – giving you a revitalized youthful look.
  4. 40KHZ Cavitation
    Sound waves emitted into the body, friction is caused between fat cells, reducing their size. The impact of sound waves can also cause the cells to break apart instantaneously, which allows them to be expelled from the body in a natural way.
  5. Body Radio-Frequency
    High frequency electromagnetic wave therapy. The skin and tissue is deeply penetrated, creating heat. This promotes skin regeneration, but also causes fat cells to shrink and tightens the skin, resulting in a firmer, slimmed look.


The Complete Health & Beauty System

The 10-in-1 HOCATT Plus is a multi-technology natural wellness and beauty modalities ALL IN ONE system!

You receive a scientifically proven modalities that provide advanced detox and oxygenation, beauty and anti-aging benefits, athletic improvement and overall improvement of wellness and vitality.

1) Ozone Technology
Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi. Enhances blood circulation and stimulates the oxygen metabolism of the body.

2) Steam Sauna Therapy
A form of hyperthermia therapy, resulting in an effective natural process of detoxifying and stimulating healing processes.

3) CO2 Therapy
This Stimulates circulation and oxygenation of the skin. Popularly used in cosmetic & reconstructive surgery.

4) FSM Electrotherapy
Can assist with a wide variety of treatment and conditions including pain and aches, nervous system therapy and more.

5) Ultrasonic Cavitation
Allows for non-invasive removal of fat deposits. Improves skin texture, reduces cellulite and tightens connective tissue.

6) Far Infrared Therapy
Waves of light penetrate the body, transforming into heat energy. To reduce muscle and joint pain, hypertension, digestive issues and more.

7) Exercise and Oxygen Therapy
Build strength, endurance and speed – without fatigue! The Hocatt can improve the way your body uses oxygen.

8) Photon Light & Chromotherapy
LEDs generate a variety of coloured lights to which the body reacts. From soothing and relaxing to balancing and energizing. 


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